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We Are Orion

Our Story

Over 20 years ago, a small group of construction professionals formed Orion Construction in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Quickly, local businesses and organizations found the Orion name synonymous with quality work and positive client relationships.

In 2011, Roger Rehkopf joined the Orion team with a vision to expand. Under Roger’s leadership, Orion flourished—and as the business grew, so did the Orion team. With a new emphasis on organizational structure and culture, Orion ushered in a new crop of talent. Together, the Orion team blended an established mission and values with innovative ideas and diverse skill sets.

Orion Construction continues to advance its mission to create enjoyable construction experiences for our clients.

Our executive team is involved in every project. Beginning in the early project development stages, we establish project-specific goals and utilize our expertise to provide value enhancement opportunities. During the construction phase, we interact daily with our project managers and frequently visit the job site for first-hand updates on the progress. Ultimately, we work to minimize risk to our clients through our proven systems, best practices, and competitive resources.

Our Mission

At Orion, we focus on creating a positive impact in every project we build. We are innovators, builders, and visionaries building for the next generation. Above all, we believe in turning visions into realities that benefit our communities, team, and clients.

Our Vision

Orion’s unifying and driving vision is to build projects that provide a positive economic and social impact and inspire progress. We want to help people realize their visions—our clients, staff, and community members alike—and turn their full potential into reality.

Community Involvement

Creating a positive social impact begins in the communities we serve. We actively seek and support various charities, non-profits, and programs that work to build better societies sustainably. At Orion, our philanthropic involvement begins at an individual level. We work to get our staff engaged in the community through in-person volunteer work, events, and financial support. Most importantly, we are grateful to be able to help make communities even better.

Our commitment to safety

Safety is embedded in our culture here at Orion. New team members are introduced to our commitment to safety immediately, and safety is reinforced every day on the job site. We work hard to maintain our Diamond STEP Award—the highest-level safety benchmark awarded by Associated Contractors and Builders—and continue to set the standard in safe practices. Simply put, the safety of our team and all involved is a top priority.

We Are A Team Of

Construction Experts

"Orion provided a full-service approach to our restaurant build-out that included the construction, development, marketing, and public relations work. That comprehensive understanding of our needs, our timeline, and our budget played a role in a smooth opening process. We love our space and more importantly, our guests do too."

– Todd Hoort, Linear Restaurant