Project Description

Orion Real Estate Solutions (ORES), in partnership with other equity investors, purchased the two lots and developed 35 modern, market-rate apartments. Orion Construction built two separate buildings that included ample on-site resident parking as well as several ground-floor retail spaces.

This new development offers high-end finishes, street-front shopping, and increased walkability for surrounding Eastown neighborhoods.

Building A at 1400 Wealthy is 18,309 sq ft and features 19 apartments and 899 sq ft of ground floor retail. Building B at 1415 Wealthy is 17,696 sq ft and features 16 apartments and 931 sq ft of ground floor retail space.

Project Details

  • Project location:
    Grand Rapids, MI
  • Project size:
    36,000 sq ft
  • Completion:
    July 2015
  • Assignment:
    General Contractor
  • Architect:
    Integrated Architecture
    Mike Corby