32 Market Ave SW - Suite 200
Grand Rapids, MI 49503


Project Details

  • Location:
    6748 Kalamazoo Ave SE
    Grand Rapids, MI 49508
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  • Value: $555,000
  • Size: 1,888 sqft
  • Schedule
    Set for Completion on November 24, 2013
Services Provided:
  • General Contractor
Jay Crank
Ken Watkins

Project Summary

Construction was completed ahead of schedule on this quick service restaurant. Slated for an early December completion, the project was finished and opened prior to Thanksgiving, providing additional revenue the owner had not expected, but appreciated. Along with the restaurant, a 2,300 sq. ft. whitebox was created for a future tenant to complement the development.

Ingress/Egress for this busy intersection and an occupied site of surrounding retail complex businesses, as well as demanding township officials, were handled with respect and punctuality by Orion Construction.

  • Cafeteria-style service with 1,200 Sq. Ft. dining area
  • Brick and masonry facade, fenced patio with fire pit
  • Drive-thru not common with 25,000+ US locations
Working with Orion Construction on my third Subway franchise was a very smooth and professional experience. They have industry expertise and a genuine concern for the project, the client and the outcome. Their ability to recognize the vision of a unique build-out and maintain budget and schedule were valuable to the project’s completion. I would recommend Orion for work of this nature.