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By March 22, 2019December 9th, 2022No Comments

A local developer battled frigid temperatures recently to begin work on a sorority house in the area.

Grand Rapids-based Orion Construction has officially broken ground on phase three of Grand Villages, a Greek housing development in Allendale.

Grand Villages is adjacent to Grand Valley State University’s campus, at 5050 Pierce Rd.

Phase three will deliver a two-story, 9,870-square-foot sorority home to the site.

The home will feature 25 beds throughout 14 bedrooms.

Construction began in February, but due to poor weather and site conditions, the team decided to forgo a formal groundbreaking ceremony.

“We had a tough start at Grand Villages last month,” said Brad Walsh, project manager, Orion Construction. “I’ve been in the business for decades, and I can’t recall a time with more ice storms, delivery delays due to road conditions and power outages.

“Fortunately, our team was able to perform around most of these issues, and it probably brought the best out in us.”

This home is still expected to be finished in time for students this summer.

The initial phase of Grand Villages began in January 2014 and was completed in August 2014. The second phase was completed in August 2015.

The property was purchased in 2013 by Grand Villages, LLC.

Grand Rapids-based Johnson Newhof & Associates is the development’s architect.

The development’s cost, including the current phase, is more than $17 million.

On completion, Grand Villages will provide 290 beds between 11 homes. The homes will range from 9,870 square feet to 12,100 square feet and have between 13 and 16 bedrooms.