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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – It’s a labor of love for everyone who’s been working on it for the last 22 months, and now the downtown Hyatt Place hotel is ready to show off to the public.

“Our team has shown so much heart and passion and excitement building up to this day and to this moment that we are just ready to unveil and open up to the public and we’re excited to share it with the community,” said hotel general manager Lindsay Jarvis.

A grand opening ceremony will happen Friday, Sept. 6 and reservations will be open for people visiting West Michigan.

The hotel features a pool and fitness center as well, a bar that sells Starbucks coffee around the clock as well as beer, wine, cider and spirits.

A press release said the $35 million hotel has 55 employees hired from the local market, and the influx of guests has made a positive impact on the local area retailers and restauranteurs.

“The lobby has obviously has a lot of natural light. It’s a great meeting space to come dine, to come meet, to come drink, to relax, so there are a lot of options,” Jarvis said.

“We’re also dog-friendly, which is unique for the downtown space, so we’re excited to welcome the four-legged members of the family as well.”

The Hyatt Place has meeting rooms available. Each one is named after a Grand Rapids park and features historic pictures from the park that bears its name.

The hotel is the latest contribution from Orion Real Estate Solutions to the city’s skyline.

“This is our third project on Ottawa Avenue where we’ve taken vacant parking lots and created about a $200 million enterprise between the three,” said company president John Wheeler.

“Arena Place was our first one, then Venue Tower and 20 Monroe Live and then these two buildings. Surface parking lots doing nothing in the city, and getting that energy and that creation and trying to figure out what fits there and how it will be perceived and the long-term value to the city and the community, so it’s been an honor for me.”