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We are Growing!: KCC’s Christian Learning Center Expands

By August 18, 2023October 17th, 2023No Comments

Kentwood Community Church, community leaders, and project stakeholders held a groundbreaking ceremony for the highly anticipated Explore and Grow Christian Learning Center expansion, in collaboration with Orion Construction. The event took place on Sunday, July 16, 2023.

The Explore and Grow Christian Learning Center Building expansion represents a significant milestone in Kentwood Community Church’s commitment to providing a nurturing and faith-based educational environment for children. This state-of-the-art facility will serve as a center of excellence, equipping young minds with the tools they need to flourish academically, socially, and spiritually.

The joint efforts of both organizations will ensure that this expansion of Explore and Grow Christian Learning Center is built to the highest standards, meeting the specific needs of the children and families it will serve.